Ever wondered what is the maximum memory capacity of the human brain? Imagine being able to access all of your memory’s capacity to its fullest only to have it work against you.

All of those questions are explored in tonton’s latest dramatic miniseries, “I, Remember”.

“I, Remember” is the latest collaboration between Malaysia’s OTT platform, tonton, and Malaysian YouTube brother duo, The Ming Thing.

The project is only tonton’s second attempt to appeal to the YouTube community with “By MY Side” being the first in collaboration with Jinnyboy.

“We had a great success last year with Jinnyboy, so we are continuously looking for content that is reaching out to a youth audience, whose attention is hard to get; so we need the right people to work with and that is where The Ming Thing comes in,” said Airin Zainul, Director of Licensing and Merchandising for tonton during the press conference of “I, Remember” that took place at GSC One Utama yesterday.

The Ming Thing, who are made up of brothers Ho Ming Han and Ho Ming Yue, were obviously excited about the birth of their latest project, but were also nervous to jump into a new platform other than YouTube.

“We are actually really nervous about it because if you know our stuff, we only do three to five minute videos, whereas this project is 20 minutes each,” Ho Ming Han said stating that the production of “I, Remember” is a totally new territory for both the filmmakers.

The Ming Thing at the “I, Remember” press conference held at GSC One Utama.

TheHive.Asia was fortunate enough to watch the first episode of “I, Remember” and based on what we have seen, the Ming brothers do not have to be nervous about anything, because the series has an interesting concept of its own that will captivate the audience.

“I, Remember” is a psychological drama which follows Hafiq (Jad Hidhir) who has an extraordinary memory and can recall anything that he has seen, be it consciously or unconsciously. However, this gift comes with a price where he is soon exploited for other people’s gain.

The 4-episode miniseries stars Jad Hidhir, Ho Ming Yue, Karan Hundal, Emily Chan, Louisa Chong, Sharifah Amani, and Alvin Chong.

“I, Remember” is available exclusively on tonton starting this 20 May onwards with new episodes every Sunday at 12 p.m.