park yoochun

It was recently revealed that South Korean singer-actor Park Yoo-chun has recently ended his engagement with fiancée, Hwang Ha-na.

As reported on Korea Herald, the actor, who announced his relationship with Wang – a granddaughter of the founder of dairy giant Namyang Dairy – back in 2016, announced the split eight months since postponing their marriage.

However, his agency C-Jes Entertainment has declined to elaborate further regarding the reason for the breakup, and only expressed hope for the media to give Park some space.

Rumours of a breakup between the two had been circulating for a while since it was revealed that they have pushed back their wedding date several times.

His agency previously told the media in April 2017 that Park will get married after he finishes his military service in August 2017.

The marriage news surprised the public, as it came on the heel of multiple rape accusations that started in 2016. Park had since been cleared of all charges.

(Photo Source: Korea Iyaa)