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“Let me twerk for your new government,” Margaret Cho said the moment she got on stage. For the past week, Malaysia has been swept with elation over the recent election, so naturally local politics made its way into the comedian’s show.

Margaret Cho performed for the first time ever in Malaysia with her “Fresh off the Bloat” tour, held last Friday evening at the HGH Convention Centre.

Her topics of sexual abuse, suicide and drugs aren’t exactly daily conversation materials for most Malaysians, but the comedian still held a captive audience who couldn’t stop laughing from the moment she showed up and started twerking.
“Can you see me twerk?” She asked. “Maybe not. My butt’s flat. You’re Asians, you get it. We Asians have flat butts, from too much sitting down and studying.”
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Margaret Cho trying to twerk for Malaysia’s new government.
Being Korean-American, Margaret has plenty to say about being Asian, especially being from one as “savage” (her word, not ours) as Koreans. 
“When I was 14, I told my mom I wanted to be a comedian, she said “You should just die”,” was one of her examples of how savage her own race can be.
Using comedy to soften the blow of her heavyweight topics, the comedian revealed how she tried committing suicide by hanging before, but as the shower rod started bending from her weight, she thought, “Oh no, I’m too fat to die. I’m gonna need to reach my ideal weight first before trying this again.”
“So I’m never gonna try killing myself again,” said the comedian. “I’ll never reach my ideal weight.”
Another heavy topic she dished out that evening was rape, or more specifically being a rape survivor as she was sexually abused for years from a young age by her own uncle. “People are not comfortable when I talk about this,” she admitted. “But I want to because I want other rape survivors out there to know that it is okay, we are strong, we are survivors.”
One of the people who are uncomfortable with the topic is understandably her mother, who would tell her to stop talking about it, as her mother puts it: “He already raped your aunty, you’re not special.” Savage.
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Opening act comedian Rocco Stowe warmed up
the crowd before introducing Margaret Cho.
Her hour-long show was opened by fellow comedian Rocco Stowe, who dropped a few words of wisdom for the ladies, especially of how not to take misleading photos for their online dating profiles.
Margaret Cho has been busy bringing her “Fresh off the Bloat” tour all over the world, including other places in Asia such as Singapore and Hong Kong, and is now continuing it in the U.S.