After recently dropping their latest single “Lights Ignite”, Malaysian punk rockers Airwaves On Fire is following that up with a brand new EP and a launch party to promote their latest release.

The Petaling Jaya based band will be launching their long-awaited “A Little Spark Of Riot” EP this 27 May 2018 at The Bee, Publika and will feature some of Malaysia’s brightest talents such as Enope, The Propositions!, Psytrus, and Skies Are Red.

The five-track EP is their first ever release since forming in 2016 where fans can expect the band’s trademark sing-a-long lyrics, crunchy guitar sounds, and an overall headbanging experience.

The EP launch is just a taste of what is to come from the five-piece band that will embark on a west Malaysian tour in late 2018, with plans to release their debut full-length album by the end of this year.

Airwaves On Fire is throwing a party for the launch of their debut EP “A Little Spark Of Riot”.

Formerly known as Derpstep, Airwaves On Fire rebranded themselves to appeal to a wider audience in the Malaysian independent music scene.

The band is made up of five talented musicians with frontman Jian Cobain leading the band, Jason Tan and Damien Lim both on guitars, Ken Lim on bass duties, and Dhanyal Denis banging on the drums.