Remember that one Andy Lau fan named Yang Lijuan whose obsession with the actor ended up with the death of her own father?

The Chinese woman recently resurfaced, and admitted that she still hopes to meet Andy again.

As reported on Mingpao, Yang, who had disappeared from the headlines for many years, was recently visited by the Chinese media, where she confessed to have acted irrationally in the past.

However, Yang said that she didn’t think wanting to meet her idol was an unreasonable wish, and that the dream is yet to be fulfilled. She added that the previous fan meet she attended couldn’t be considered a real meeting as she only got to spend a few minutes with the actor.

“My wish is very simple. I just want to see Andy Lau. But the outside world posed all sorts of obstacles,” she said.

She also stressed that she still doesn’t know what went wrong.

Although she announced that she is no longer Andy’s fan in previous interviews, Yang, who now works as a salesperson, said that she still hopes to meet the actor.

She also stated that she doesn’t regret the past as it was her own choice.

In 2007, the 28-year-old Yang made multiple headlines – first for her love of Andy Lau (that enabled her to meet the actor at his birthday event), and second for the death of her father, who committed suicide out of despair after alleging that Andy was being cold towards his daughter.

(Photo Source: AWC618)