A few weeks after keeping silent following their controversial YouTube video, Etta Ng’s 30-year-old girlfriend Andi Autumn recently resurfaced online and accused her mother of abusing her pet dog.

As reported on Mingpao, the former social media influencer recently took to Facebook to rant about her own family, and accused her mother of not only abusing her in the past, but is now hurting her Pomeranian dog.

“I don’t mind that there’s no one, not family, nor friends, that care about my girlfriend and I, who have been abused and homeless, and managed to get back on our feet from the ground up, or the fact that police from both Hamilton and Toronto ignored my proof that my mother abused me. At this point, I don’t care what she’s done to me, but what I [cannot] fathom is that my mother injured my dog and now he’s suffering even more from the injury she caused.”

Slamming people who are cruel to animals, she continued, “The person I once called “mother” not only pours hot water on the neighbours cats, put a cat in a dryer, and more, but MY SON is in pain because she pulled his leg out of his socket!”

“She needs to be arrested. She doesn’t need mental health care; she needs to be locked up in jail. A small Pomeranian, smart, and gentle, I cannot understand, I can NEVER understand, I CANNOT accept people hurting innocent animals,” she added.

Her rant seemed to answer the questions many had about her pet dog, which had not been seen since Andi left Hong Kong and brought Etta with her to Canada.

The couple previously sparked the wrath of many by releasing a YouTube video where they complained about being homeless in Canada since leaving Hong Kong. Many commented that both should be looking for jobs and some accused Andi of using Etta’s status as Jackie Chan’s love child to gain sympathy from the actor’s fans and the LGBTQ circle.

(Photo Source: Andi Autumn Instagram)