After going on a college tour in April, Malaysian pop punkers An Honest Mistake are wrapping things off with a massive launch party for their brand new release, “The Corporate EP”.

The event is to take place this 12 May at The Bee, Publika and will feature some of Malaysia’s hottest acts like Battle Bloom and Throne Away, plus a special guest coming all the way from Singapore, Haneri (formerly known as Daphne Khoo), before An Honest Mistake takes centre stage as the main headliner.

The band has a few tricks up their sleeves as they have listed some local artists to join them on stage to give an all-around energetic performance that’s expected in a proper rock show.

Hip-hop sensation MimiFly, Kareema Ramli of Maddthelin, Haziq Afnan of I Lost The Plot, guitar god Kelvyn Yeang, and R&B singer Sasha Nichole are all set to make an appearance on stage with the four-piece band.

In addition to musical performances, Attic Jewelry & Piercing, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Levi’s, and Shipwreck Tattoos will also be opening booths at the event.

“The Corporate EP” is a five-track EP which are all cover songs of popular hits ranging from the 80’s, from Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” to a more current tune like Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like”.

An Honest Mistake’s “The Corporate EP” will be available at the launch party.

To date, An Honest Mistake has put out 4 full length albums and an EP, all of which have been their own original music which makes their latest offering a different approach in their 10 years of being a band.

“We’re not selling out. We’re just doing what makes sense. We’re capturing a different audience altogether,” lead vocalist / guitarist Darren Teh said in a press release.

The “different audience” mentioned refers to people of the corporate world.

“The goal is to use these cover songs to get into new ground and then educate corporate clients to appreciate the artiste for their craft,” he added.

An Honest Mistake’s “The Corporate EP” will be available at the event which starts at 2 p.m onwards til late.

(Photo source: An Honest Mistake’s Facebook)