Before there were Karen Mok and Shu Qi, Cecilia Cheung and Jelly Lin, comedy actor Stephen Chow had Sharla Cheung – one of the early ‘90s top actresses and his onscreen partner in many films.
The two stars worked in more than ten films together throughout the early ‘90s, including hit franchises like “Fight Back to School”, “Royal Tramp”, and “God of Gamblers”. 
Therefore, it was nothing strange for people at the time to think that the two of them were best friends, or that they might even been in a relationship with each other at a certain point in their career.
However, as reported on SETN, Sharla recently opened up about the nature of her past relationship with Stephen by revealing that there was no relationship at all.
The actress, who appeared on a mainland reality show, shared that the two of them were nothing more than work colleagues, and that she knew nothing about the actor outside of work.
“We were both newbies when we starred in “Faithfully Yours” in 1988. At the time, he was quite awkward. So we took it one at a time, and slowly developed a mutual understanding of each other,” she said.
However, even after working for many years with the actor since then, Sharla said that she still has no clue about Stephen as a person.
“Stephen Chow is a strange man. His creative direction is totally beyond your reach. He was a loner, except for a few friends. It seems like no one can reach into his inner world,” she added.