While Lin Gengxin has never verbally confirmed his relationship with actress Claudia Wang, it seemed that the romance is out now because of fellow actor Mark Chao.

As reported on Sina, Lin and Mark, who love playing pranks and poking fun at each other, recently started another one of their games by sharing unattractive photos of each other on social media.

Although it was Lin who started the game, it was Mark who decided to share an unflattering photo of Lin in a black and white striped shirt, without realising that Claudia was in the same photo as well, wearing a matching shirt.

After realising his mistake, Mark quickly removed the photo, cropped Claudia’s face out of the photo, and uploaded the edited image. However, the original image had already been seen and captured by the fans, who then circulated it online.

While Lin didn’t respond to the initial post, he later wrote, “Love you, brother” – which many believed to be his way of saying that he is not blaming Mark for the error.

Lin and Claudia sparked rumours of romance as early as 2014, but it was after working together again in “Journey to the West: The Demons Strikes Back” that paparazzi and fans alike began to see them together more frequently.

(Photo Source: Our Street Style Weibo)