The producers of Chinese reality show “Idol Producer” have recently apologised to singer Zhang Yixing, a.k.a. Lay, for not crediting him as the composer of his own song in the recent episode of the show.

As reported on Singtao, the singer, who also serves as a judge on the show based on the Korean reality show, “Produce 101”, recently performed his song “Mask” with his group on the latest episode.

However, Lay later went online to express his frustration that his name was not credited as the producer and arranger of the song on the screen, and instead was replaced by someone by the name of S. Tiger.

“As a producer of this song, I want a reasonable explanation,” he posted.

His frustration was echoed by fellow colleague Li Ronghao, who stated that he understands Lay’s frustration since he was also once uncredited for his song that was given to another artiste back in 2013.

Said Li, “I know our programme misstated many of the songwriters’ names. I don’t think it’s malicious or intentional, but the inconsistency and the rights of musician in the industry are being neglected. Musicians do not want much, just a little respect…”

Following the two mentors’ complaints and fans’ threat to boycott the show, the show’s producers took to social media to say sorry for the error.

They explained that the mistake occurred due to staff negligence, and that they will make sure that it would not happen again.

Lay had since accepted the apology with a statement from his studio that read, “We hope that the basic rights of each and every original musician can be protected. Let’s work together for the betterment of our music industry.”

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