Malaysia’s breakthrough actor, Henry Golding, was at “The Ellen Show” last night along with his American co-star, Constance Wu, to talk about their upcoming movie, “Crazy Rich Asians”.

The Malaysian-British actor is the first Malaysian to get on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, one of the most popular variety talk-shows in America.

Golding shared of his whereabouts on Instagram just before the show started, shocking his fans as well as fellow Malaysians who congratulated him on the milestone.

During the episode, Golding shared the origins of his career, starting from a “broadcast background” mainly doing travelling shows, hence, the movie is his first experience as a feature-film actor.

Besides that, Golding and Wu also took part in a mini game during the episode called, “Crazy Rich Cash Grab”, where they’re seen inside a booth trying to collect as much money as they can while stuffing them into their oversized underwear.
“Crazy Rich Asians” is currently dubbed as the first movie to have an “all-Asian cast in twenty five years” which is a “big deal” to showcase Asian culture within the movie industry.
The movie also features other Malaysian talents such as veteran actress Michelle Yeoh, local comedian Ronny Chieng, and fashion model, Carmen Soo.
Golding will also be starring in an upcoming American thriller movie, “A Simple Favour”, set to be released this 14 September.
Check out clips of the episode here:

Take a look at the exclusive trailer of “Crazy Rich Asians” here:

(Photo Source: Henry Golding’s Instagram)