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American singer-songwriter, Devendra Banhart, will be making his first ever appearance in Thailand this June.

The Grammy-nominee is presenting his intimate solo show to the audience of Thailand on 16 June at the Phornprapha Auditorium in Bangkok.

Tickets will be available via Ticket Melon from 1 May, 10am onwards and are priced at THB 1,500.

Get ready to snatch those tickets as fast as possible as they are only limited to 350 people.

Banhart first made a name for himself from his debut album in 2002, “Oh Me, Oh My”, which received generally favourable reaction from fans of indie and folk music.

He only grew bigger in the scene as time passed by with his albums, “Rejoicing in the Hands” and “Nino Rojo” in 2004 and was once nominated for a Grammy in 2011 for Best Recording Package.

One of his most iconic songs, “Little Yellow Spider”, has garnered over 2.7 million views on YouTube and 2.3 million streams on Spotify.

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Devendra Banhart to make his first appearance in Thailand soon!

Check out, “Little Yellow Spider”, here: 

(Photo Source: Devendra Banhart’s Instagram)