Although they previously denied rumours of romance between them, South Korean actress Kang Han-na and Taiwanese actor Darren Wang were recently caught again on what seemed to be a romantic trip together.

As reported on Mingpao, some netizens recently claimed to have seen Darren and Kang together at the Vatican City back in March, and even took photos of the two of them acting chummy with each other.

When one of the netizens came up to the actor and asked if he was indeed Darren Wang, the actor denied it and quickly left.

Following the latest reports, Kang’s rep addressed the rumours and said that the two of them are only good friends, and that the actress loves travelling whenever she has free time.

This is the third time the two have been spotted together. Rumours of romance between them sparked in March last year when they were spotted in Osaka together. Kang and Darren were seen again earlier this month at a fish market in China, but still denied that they are in a relationship.

(Photo Source: Nownews)