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As fans of the “Meteor Garden” franchise is anticipating the upcoming broadcast of the 2018 remake, the original lead actress Barbie Hsu suddenly made a confession online that she was not fond of her character Shan Cai.

As reported on Phoenix, Tencent recently aired a rerun of the 2001 drama, which stars Barbie, Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Vanness Wu, and Ken Chu. While some fans enjoyed the drama, some criticised the protagonist Shan Cai, who couldn’t make up her mind about the two men in her life.

In response to the criticisms, Barbie shared an old photo from the drama and shared that she hated the character for her indecisiveness, and even told the producer and director Angie Chai about it.

“I hated her and I didn’t know how to portray her character. The director had to convince me for a long time that Shan Cai is still young and is clueless about relationships. For an ordinary girl to suddenly becoming the object of affection of two good looking men, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed,” wrote the actress.

Barbie said that she found herself disliking the character halfway through, but still tried her best not to let it show and not let the audience hate her too much.

“Viewers back then were simple. They let Shan Cai off easily. Who would have thought the old drama would be airing again. This time, you can see the plot holes everywhere,” she said.

While some of her supporters praised Barbie for being straightforward about her thoughts, others criticised Barbie for trying to fit in with the new crowd, saying, “Why didn’t you say this at the time? Are you trying to get rid of it now?”