74-year-old John and David Perry of Melbourne, Australia were none-the-wiser about the existence of another sibling, so imagine the surprise they must have experienced upon being told that they have a Hong Kong star as a half-brother.

As reported on BBC.com, the twin brothers were on a cruise ship in the Pacific when they received an email from a cousin in England telling them that he or she has a sensitive information about their family. At the same time, David’s own son sent him the now famous photograph previously shared by Anthony, who had been looking for his long-lost British father.

“There was a picture in that report [of] my father holding Anthony as a baby with his mother. We were quite amazed with the whole thing,” said John.

The two brothers said that they emailed Anthony’s theatre company, Dionysus Contemporary Theatre, saying that they may be related, and that’s how they finally met the actor.

According to John, they never knew that they had another brother.

“[Our father] never mentioned Anthony at all, ever. We had no idea. We don’t know why,” said John.

“He might have been embarrassed about it,” David chimed.

“He might thought we would get upset.”

“After picking myself off the floor, we talked about it, Dave and me. And we decided we’d better come over and see him,” said David.

The two brothers admitted they knew nothing about Anthony and started researching about him on YouTube and found movies he starred in.

“It didn’t make us feel any different that he is a famous actor in Hong Kong,” said John, adding that he would have accepted him whoever he is.

He added that their late father, Frederick William Perry, would be pleased to know that the three brothers are now reunited. Although he is saddened that he knew nothing about Anthony before, John stated that he and David are happy to welcome their brother.