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After the success of his “de Aa Kode World Tour” in Hong Kong in 2016, Aaron Kwok is finally ready to bring his shows and interactive stage to the international arena.
As reported on Wenweipo, the singer who previously postponed his international tour to complete his movie projects, recently held a press conference to announce that the show will soon begin.

Aaron revealed that he will tentatively perform 100 shows at various locations including major cities in Singapore, China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, and Canada.

“I am very happy to finally hold my world tour and communicate with fans around the world,” he said.

When asked if there will be new elements to his 2018 tour, Aaron shared that his concert team will continue to break grounds in terms of concert production, and will bring his interactive stage out to his global fans.

“Because of its complexity, this will be a great big project. I am really excited,” he said.

More details about the concert tour will be released soon.

(Photo Source: Aaron Kwok Instagram)