Rumours are rife that Zanilia Zhao and Zheng Shuang have been cast in the television remake of “Soul Mate”, and fans are not happy about it.

As reported on HK01, it was recently revealed that the Derek Tsang film will be adapted for a 48-episode drama, that revolves around the friendship between two characters Qiyue and Ansheng, previously played by Sandra Ma and Zhou Dongyu.

In a previous press release, it was revealed that the script is being written by Bai Yicong, who previously helmed “The Mystic Nine Tetralogy” co-starring Zanilia herself, and will begin filming at the end of April.

Although there were no mention of the actresses playing the two leads, the rumour sparked debate among the fans of the original film and of the two actresses.

While Zheng Shuang’s fans are crying fake news and saying that the actress is already busy with other filming projects, Zanilia’s fans are protesting the collaboration between their favourite actress and Zheng, saying that the latter’s lack of acting skills will ruin the viewership ratings.

(Photo Source: hk01)