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Rising Malaysian star, NYK, recently dropped his latest single “Make It On Me”, making this his second song since his debut with “FWB”  (Friends With Benefits) back in 2017.

Born in Penang, NYK spent most of his years growing up in Subang and had even gotten himself a Masters in Economics while studying in Melbourne.

Making a giant leap, he then decided to tackle the music industry in August 2017 with his debut single, “FWB”, which to date has gained more than one million streams on Spotify.

TheHive.Asia was able to have a little chat with him recently and to gain some insight into his latest single, his upcoming projects, as well as getting to know him better as an up and coming artiste.

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We got to speak with NYK to
get some insight on what he’s been up to.

TheHive.Asia: Hi NYK! In regards to your latest single that came out recently, “Make It On Me”, what’s the meaning behind the song?

NYK: “Make It On Me” is actually a prequel to “FWB” where the latter is about a guy pursuing this girl romantically, but the girl doesn’t want a long term relationship. “Make It On Me” is about meeting that girl.

How would you compare your music to other singers, both local and international ones?

Locally, the only thing that stands out is the sound that I make. I’ve been told a bunch of times where people have never heard of this style of music being done by a local artist before. I think that’s the main selling point of my music as well as what I’m trying to prove that in Malaysia, we’re still able to make these kinds of international-style sort of music and still make a career out of it.

I guess “FWB” and “Make It On Me” wouldn’t stand out internationally as well as the other songs out there, but in the EP that I’m dropping soon, the songs that I write have more personality and they’re going to sound quite different from what you hear on the radio. I can’t really describe them right now cause they’re not out yet, but you’ll be able to tell the difference when you hear them. They have their own uniqueness.

What do you think of people who cannot ‘get’ into your music, since you say people here have not heard of your style of music done by a local artist before?

I don’t blame them if they do. This gets a bit more real and unfiltered, but that’s how I plan my releases. I think songs like these are easier to listen to and it reaches more people in the market but the songs that would be featured in the EP are more focused on emotions and relationships on a deeper note. They’re actually more personal songs and I can’t wait to release them.

What was the point when you discovered your music could actually be huge?

It was when I was writing “FWB”. I wrote it by accident, I was just playing around and finished it in like 30 minutes and then I realised that the song is pretty nice and then Sony found it. We got this producer named Freddy (Fredrik Haggstam) and he did one of the songs by Chainsmokers and he came down to Singapore to work on the song together. Once he finished that version of the song and showed it to me, I thought that it could actually go somewhere. That was the pivotal moment.

You’ve recently collaborated with Airliftz, how did that come about?

We were friends for a while. We had this unofficial deal where I would do a song and he would feature on it and vice versa. Once he starts working on his next album I’m going to be in some of his songs which I am looking forward to.

Are you currently working on anything else besides your current EP?

There’re a lot of songs that aren’t released yet. Just that we handpicked some of the songs that I wrote and worked on it, but in the meantime, we’re focusing on releasing another song in May.

Check out his latest single; “Make It On Me”