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“In Japan, you would see women walking down the streets of Harajuku with shopping bags in one hand and a crepe in another, Marion Crepes started that trend.”

So goes the emcee’s introduction for Marion Crepes, the pioneer brand for Harajuku crepe that started the crepe revolution in 1976, which recently held the grand opening of its store in Malaysia.

Not only is the new location its first outlet in the tropical country, it is also the first Asian outlet for the brand outside of Japan.
Currently, Marion Crepes is available nationwide in its home country with 82 stores and has only two other outlets outside of Japan, both located in Hawaii.
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Koe Yeet, Mr. Tsutomu Yumoto and Datuk Seri Azman Ujang, Chairman of BERNAMA
at the grand opening of Marion Crepes in Malaysia.
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How good can Koe Yeet make her food?
“Back when I was in Japan, this was one of my favourite crepes,” said Malaysian actress Koe Yeet, who was present at the grand opening of the store at Plaza Mont Kiara. Lucky for the actress, as she had the chance to taste her favourite crepe again and even had a hand in making one too!
Mr. Tsutomu Yumoto revealed that he chose to open a Marion Crepes store in Malaysia because of his love for the country, saying that he was touched by the warmth of the people and would like to repay everyone’s kindness with this sweet treat.
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Mr. Tsutomu Yumoto introducing the Marion Crepes staff,
who hails from Myanmar, the Philippines and Japan.
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A model of the shop’s top-seller, Strawberry Chocolate Special,
which comes with fresh strawberry and ice cream in it.
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A display of all the available crepes at the shop.
Marion Crepes started its operation in Malaysia since 8 February 2018 and held its grand opening on 1 March 2018. 
The crepes offered in the Malaysian outlet are ensured to be pork-free and stays true to the original taste from Japan. Available in both sweet and savoury options, the crepes come filled with fresh fruits, Chantily cream, ice cream, and even tuna – depending on which flavour you’ve chosen to pamper your taste buds with. 
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Marion Crepes at Plaza Mont Kiara is pretty easy to spot.
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Dainty little tables for customers to sit at while waiting for their crepes.
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Local band FAZZ, who was at the Tokyo International Music Market in Japan,
entertaining guests during the grand opening.