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Lupe Fiasco was kung fu fighting!

Grammy award-winning rapper Lupe Fiasco embarks on a journey around China to follow his passion in martial arts in the new docuseries “Beat N Path”.

Premiering exclusively on the Asian channel KIX HD on Astro, “Beat N Path” follows Fiasco as he chases his dual passions in music and martial arts by practicing kung fu with Kung Fu Masters throughout China and exploring the nation’s fast-emerging hip-hop scene.

Don’t forget to catch the Grammy-winning rapper on KIX HD this 8 March.
This will be the first project coming out of Studio SV, a production company which Fiasco founded and partnered with Hong Kong businesswoman Bonnie Chan to produce high-end TV programs, digital content, and films with cross-cultural themes for a global audience that is accordant to Fiasco’s hip-hop persona.
In case you didn’t know, Lupe Fiasco is an international hip-hop star who happens to be a martial arts expert where he trained since he was three and still does to this day.
Catch him on the premiere of “Beat N Path” this 8 March with new episodes every Thursday at 9.00 pm exclusively on KIX HD (Astro Ch 729).
See the exclusive video interview below!