Now that she has the perfect pair of son and daughter, Hong Kong singer Kay Tse stated that her family life is now complete.

The singer, who spoke to Mingpao recently at an event in Harbour City, stated that she has no plans to add another member to the family following the birth of daughter Karina last year.

“It’s very difficult to have another baby at my age. Two kids are enough to enrich one’s life,” said the 41-year-old.

However, Kay admitted that her son James had wanted her to give birth to more babies so that he could be the doting big brother.

“My son is a caring person and very fond of children. But he doesn’t know how hard it is to go through the process of having a baby,” she said.

As for her husband Louis Cheung, Kay stated that the actor sympathises with her and told her that two kids are enough for them.

“So now, the Kay Factory will announce its retirement,” she added.

(Photo Source: Kay Tse Instagram)