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After his story turned viral recently, it was revealed that Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong finally had the chance to meet his father’s side of the family.

As reported on Taiwan News, the actor who recently went on a BBC interview, posted a photo with him and his two twin half-brothers, writing, “Found them. Thanks, Koko Trish, and Joyce. The world is like a new chess match. So dramatic. Always have faith.”

It was last month that Anthony sat down for an interview, and revealed the challenges of being a child of mixed race. He also revealed that his father, a British man named Frederick William Perry, left the family when he was four.

He admitted that he had tried looking for his father, but had no high hopes that he is still alive seeing that he would have been more than a hundred years old.

However, following the BBC report, many expressed interest in helping the actor find his long-lost family, with three separate women following the page, including one Koko Mueller and Trish Blomfield, who began looking for information and sharing them with him.

Then in early March, he shared online that someone had found some information about his father and his English family. That is when, somewhere across Australia, two men by the name of John and David Perry found out that they have another brother that they never even knew existed.

The three met in Hong Kong on 20 March, and according to David, they hit it off straight away.

“It was just incredible. After all these years and suddenly it all happened in two weeks!,” said Anthony.

He also learned that Frederick William Perry, who died in 1988, was a Royal Air Force veteran, who served in the Battle of Britain.

In 1955, he arrived in Hong Kong – at the time still a British colony – to work in a government logistics office, bringing along his wife Vera Marjorie, their daughter Vera Ann, and twin sons John and David. It was believed that Perry met Anthony’s mother a few years later and left her and his newborn son when he moved to Australia with his family.

“Dad used to say in his letters that if I was a good boy, he would take care of everything for me. I think he knows I’ve become a good boy since then and he’s sent two brothers to me,” he said.

On the other hand, the actor also thanked the three women for their help, saying, “This amazing things totally changed my life.”

(Photo Source: Anthony Wong Facebook)