After the unfortunate accident that forced him to go into hiatus for six months, Andy Lau is set to make his film comeback in the upcoming sequel to the 2013 movie, “The White Storm”, co-starring its original star, Louis Koo.

As reported on Singtao, production company Universe Films made the announcement at the Hong Kong FILMART 2018, revealing that the upcoming film will have a hefty budget of HKD 200 million and will be shot on locations including Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Aside from the upcoming movie, Andy is also starring in another Universe’s sequel, “Shock Wave 2”.

Said Herman Yau, who is directing both movies, they are expecting a new spark from both the lead actors.

“Both films have new characters and new stories without any connection to the previous films. But the original subjects don’t change,” he said.

On the other hand, Universe’s CEO Daneil Lam shared that the script for “Shock Wave 2” is still under construction, but promised that the storyline will be more intense and exciting.

(Photo Source: Apple Daily)