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Second season of “Westworld” will come to your TVs soon!

Feb 6
– Rejoice “Westworld” fans! The Emmy-award winning drama series from HBO is coming back to your small screens with a new and exciting ten-episode season.

Season two is set to premiere in Asia on 23 April at 9am, the same time it’s aired in America, on HBO (Astro Ch 411/ HD 431) and HBO On Demand (via Astro GO) with a primetime encore at 10pm on the same day.

The first trailer for the anticipated second season was revealed during the Super Bowl LII broadcast featuring returning actors and actresses such as Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton and Evan Rachel Wood.

It marks the first commercial HBO has aired during the Super Bowl in twenty years! And of course, the trailer was directed by none other than the show’s co-creator, Jonathan Nolan.
Fans must be missing their favourite brain-washing android thriller series with its intense and puzzling scenarios.

There has always been a pattern of unpredictability within the series and by the way the first season has ended, it doesn’t look like the mind boggling would stop there.

23 April 2018, we’re waiting for you!