The 2018 Miss Chinese International Pageant has recently ended its competition, with yet another New York City representative, Rose Li successfully winning the crown.

As reported on Mingpao, the 22-year-old aspiring entrepreneur impressed audiences and the judges – which include former Miss Chinese Internationals Leanne Li, Sarah Song, and Eliza Sam – from the get go for her impressive performance, which made her victory not a surprising one to many.

Li beat out other formidable contenders, including her fellow American representative and first runner-up, Angela Liu from Los Angeles; and Hong Kong’s representative, Juliette Louie – who won the third place.

Asked how she felt about her win, Li stated that she has always dreamed of winning the Miss Chinese International pageant, and that she is just happy to have finally achieved it.

As to whether she will move to Hong Kong to further her career, Li said that she has yet to graduate from college, and will only make her decision after doing so.

On the other hand, another American representative, Crystal Yang won Miss Friendship.

Last year, the crown went to New York City representative, Stitch Yu.

(Photo Source: Juliette Louie Instagram)