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Miss Great Britain, Saffron Hart, expresses her
disgusts as her position in the top five was scrapped.
After an embarrassing incident at the Miss Tourism World 2017, Miss Great Britain is now slamming the global event, calling it appalling.
“I’m no sore loser. I’m just disgusted that we were all treated so appallingly,” Saffron Hart who represents Miss Great Britain told Daily Mail Online.
For those of you who missed out on what actually triggered Hart’s anger towards the global pageant, let us break it down for you.
The pageant, held on 27 January 2017 in the Malaysian state of Malacca, announced its top five finalists which included Colombia, Great Britain, Mongolia, Panama, and Venezuela.
Their excitement was sadly short-lived as the finalists were replaced by Colombia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Peru, and Serbia due to a technical error in calculating the judges’ points; making Miss Colombia and Miss Mongolia the only original ones to remain in the new top five.
“They left us standing on stage for 20 minutes before me, Miss Panama and Miss Venezuela didn’t make the recount,” she said.
She later added that the team behind Miss Tourism World did not even acknowledge or apologise to the three girls including her.
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Miss Great Britain is still sore over her loss, which
happened thanks to a technical error (Photo source: Miss Tourism).
Since then, Miss Tourism World has released a public statement on their Facebook expressing their regret for any confusion caused by the technical glitch in their computer.
(Photo source: Miss Tourism)