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“Amazing” is not just IN2IT’s debut song, it is also the word that best describes the Korean idol group. 
The rookie group held a press conference at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on 3 February, Saturday, attended not only by members of the media but also their fans, IN2U.

As is the norm when it comes to K-Pop events in Malaysia, the venue was packed with enthusiastic fans hours before the event even begun. No empty spots could be seen on the steps leading down to the concourse area of the vast shopping mall; every inch occupied by patiently waiting fans.

Despite being relatively new in the K-Pop scene, the group has no problem garnering fans, particularly in Malaysia, as one of the members hails from the tropical country itself, making him the first official K-Pop idol from Malaysia.
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IN2U passionately welcoming IN2IT.
“Even my parents and my brothers have flown in from Kota Kinabalu to attend IN2IT’s first showcase in Malaysia,” said Isaac Voo Kai Meng, better known as just Isaac to his fans (who are called Sparkles), who returned to his home country for the first time ever since debuting as a K-Pop idol.
The 23-year-old previously won 4th place when K-Pop group AlphaBAT held an audition in Malaysia in search of their tenth member back in 2014, kickstarting his journey into the K-Pop industry. 
Fast forward 2 years later, Isaac successfully debuted as part of MMO Entertainment’s 8-member group IN2IT after participating in the survival show “BOYS24”.
Understandably, Isaac was ecstatic to be back in Malaysia, this time standing alongside his fellow IN2IT members: Yeontae, Inpyo, Jinsub, Hyunuk, Jiahn, Inho and Sunghyun.
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IN2IT during their first visit to Malaysia.
IN2IT appeared on the Pavilion stage at 5 o’clock on the dot on Saturday evening. However, despite this being a press conference, instead of just doing the usual Q&A session, the group also managed to perform a couple of songs off their five-track debut album, “Carpe Diem”.
“The boys really want to perform for their fans, so I’m letting them perform one song before we begin our press conference,” emcee Bernard Hiew joked before letting them take the stage with their first song, “Cadillac”.
Returning to the stage after a brief break following their opening performance, the group adorably greeted their fans with a Chinese New Year song, the Korean members saying that Isaac taught them how to sing it.
This was the first visit to Malaysia for most of the Korean members, except Hyunuk who has previously visited Isaac’s hometown in Sabah. 
“We’ve heard a lot about Malaysia from Isaac, it’s an honour to finally be able to meet you all,” said Inpyo.
Isaac is picked as the “handsomest” and “sexiest” member of IN2IT.
Displaying top notch fanservice, when asked who they think the handsomest in their group is, all fingers pointed to Isaac (who pointed at Hyunuk). Quickly catching on, when it was time to pick the sexiest member, Isaac struck a “sexy” pose without any hesitation while the members all pointed at him again.
When asked what Malaysian words or phrases Isaac has taught the Korean members, words like “leng lui” (pretty girl), “bo jio” (did not invite), and “bagus” (good) were some that the members immediately offered. Sunghyun even threw in a “boleh bah”, a phrase akin to “sure” that is more commonly used in Isaac’s Sabahan hometown.
Before leaving the stage, the group performed their title track “Amazing” and once again wished their fans a Happy Chinese New Year and a promise to meet them the following day at their showcase at PJ Arts Centre.
IN2IT Asia Showcase Tour “Carpe Diem” opened in Singapore before making its way to Malaysia and Indonesia this month. 
IN2IT performing “Amazing” before ending
their first press conference in Malaysia.