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Wow, fantastic skin! 
BIGBANG member Seungri would know a thing or two about having smooth, flawless skin, and he was in Malaysia yesterday to share his witty wisdom with VIPs (BIGBANG fans).

5 minutes before half past 7 yesterday evening, a thunderous roar of screaming and shouts of “Seungri! Seungri!” could be heard reverberating at 1 Utama Shopping Centre. All thanks to, of course, the appearance of the South Korean idol.

The 27-year-old was in Malaysia in conjunction with the official launch of Korean beauty brand, Dr. Gloderm, in the country, giving him the chance to hold a Meet & Greet event with his fans.
Even though the event took place on the ground floor of the mall’s Highstreet area, the upper floors were also filled with fans looking down at the venue, just as eager to catch a glimpse of their favourite panda maknae.
“I love Malaysia! I love KL!” Seungri kept excitedly yelling the moment he appeared on stage. 
The singer wasn’t accompanied by any translator as he was able to converse well enough in English with his fans and the emcee, Baki Zainal. 
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Seungri: “If you’re sick, Dr. Gloderm will cure you”.
Saying that the brand is not just for beauty as it also cures, the BIGBANG member joked that fans should look for Dr. Gloderm when they’re sick and let it cure them.
Meanwhile, when asked how he kept his skin looking so radiant, the singer first asked his fans if they thought his skin was good (to which the fans collectively screamed out “Yes!”) before replying, “Because I use my brand, Dr. Gloderm.”
“And I [have] all of my fans’ love,” he added.
10 of his fans were lucky enough to be picked by Seungri himself to go on stage and receive a signed poster of him. There was quite a commotion as the singer scanned the sea of fans and pointed out his 10 picks, whose memory of the event would definitely be sweeter than their peers. 
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Fans hoping to be picked by Seungri.

Then again, the event was already memorable enough for fans who were present as just a few minutes before, the singer insisted that he should perform at least one song for Malaysian VIPS, much to the delight of his fans.

The moment “Bang Bang Bang” blared out of the speakers, the whole crowd sang along to the song. Funnily enough, Seungri ended up not singing much as he was busier taking ‘selca’ with the crowd and snapchatting the moment. 
“I will come back for a concert in Malaysia!” the singer promised again and again, up until he finally left the stage to head to TGV Cinemas 1 Utama for a private gathering with 150 of his fans.
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Seungri is one of the investors of Dr. Gloderm.

Dr. Gloderm, which Seungri has been investing in since last year, is a medical cosmetics brand developed by Dr. Park Chul-hong, who is also the founder of facemask brand, “Leaders”.