Best Cases For iPhoneX
There are talks of an upgraded version of the iPhone X and two other handsets coming out this year.
Apple Inc. is planning to release three iPhones this year that includes the largest iPhone ever made, an upgraded version of the iPhone X, and a cheaper model.
Bloomberg reported that all three handsets will have unique characteristics that will appeal to the growing number of Apple consumers.
Starting with the first iPhone model which is given the code name D33, it will have a screen that is almost 6.5 inches, making it one of the biggest smartphones on the market.
The larger screen on D33 should appeal to more business-minded users, as it enables split-screen modes for them to write emails and manage spreadsheets on a screen that has the approximate measurements of a small tablet.
The 1242 x 2688 OLED screen resolution on the D33 would make it about as sharp as the one on the iPhone X and also will include a Face ID scanner that unlocks the device and enables payments.
The cheaper model of the iPhone, however, will have LCD screens instead of OLED.
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A cheaper iPhone model is expected to be hit among consumers who are looking for an iPhone with an affordable price. (Photo source: Macworld)
Apple is also preparing an update to the regular-sized iPhone X that is internally called D32.
Both of the phones are being considered for a gold edition and are expected to include stainless steel edges, the use of A12 processor, and an updated operating system which will include upgraded augmented reality capabilities, deeper integration of Siri, digital health monitoring, and the ability to use Animojis in FaceTime.
No official word from Apple regarding this matter just yet, but it is expected for Apple to announce their products sometime this September 2018 or later.
(Photo source: Wonderful Engineering)