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Chinese New Year is just around the corner and what other way to celebrate it than enjoying your time with your friends and families with a giant dish of Yee Sang!

Yee Sang has been a tradition for the Chinese community for a long time now. Over the years, people started creating more variations of the dish mixing all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Malaysia is no exception; let’s take a look at the outstanding variations of Yee Sang that can be found in Malaysia.

1. Alison Soup House – Nyonya Seafood Yee Sang

Swimming into the list is Alison Soup House’s Nyonya Seafood Yee Sang.

This abnormal dish consists of eleven different types of ingredients but they even have seafood in it such as: pineapple, beetroot, lime leaves, pomelo and salmon.

They also replaced the usual crackers with mixed nuts and whole grains.

The subtle taste of salmon accompanied with a variety of fruits and vegetables.
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2. Chynna – Modern Style Savoury Duck Yee Sang

Chynna takes it to the next level with their Modern Style Savoury Duck Yee Sang.

They took an interesting twist by replacing the usual sweet plum sauce with savoury peanut satay sauce instead.

That’s not the best part, what stands out the most about this dish is that it consists of deep-fried shredded roast duck accompanied with the usual combinations of fruits and vegetables, but it’s the chemistry of the flavours between the roast duck and peanut satay sauce which makes this dish stand out from the rest.

A colourful dish just waiting to be feasted upon.
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3. Fifth Palate – Prosperity Yee Sang

This year, Fifth Palate is bringing the people a huge variety of special Yee Sang to choose from.

Including a vegetarian dish consisting of: Korean pear, lemongrass, ginger torch flowers, kaffir time leaves, shallots, carrots, pickled ginger, candled wintermelon, crispy crackers and various types of condiments.

A dish consisting of fruity goodness indeed.
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4. Pigs & Wolf – Piggy Yee Sang

Something abnormal and full of meat, the Piggy Yee Sang consists of their signature smoked bacon, crispy wanton wrapper and imported Italian Parma Ham.

The sweet juiciness of the bacon is enhanced further as its accompanied by the sweet plum sauce.

Definitely, a must-try for bacon lovers!

Filled with the rich juiciness of the bacon which melts in your mouth
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5. ANTE – Jamon Iberico Yee Sang

ANTE introduces their Yee Sang featuring their hand-cut Jamon Iberico slices which they got from a special breed of free-range pigs from the Iberian Peninsula. The slices are laid on a bed of fresh fruits and vegetables such as: pomegranate, rose apple, orange, cucumber, and pomelo complemented with bean curd crisps.

The flavour that comes out of the synergy between the ingredients tastes out of this world.

Have a taste of the rich, creamy texture of the dish.
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