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Gong Xi Fa Cai! This year, malls all around Malaysia welcomes the year of the dog with open arms.

Since the Chinese New Year is just around the corner these shopping malls are fired up with the spirit of celebration.

Here are five Chinese New Year themed decorations at shopping malls in Malaysia this year that you just have to go check out!

1. Suria KLCC – The Tea Village

Chinese New Year came early this year as Suria KLCC brings a homecoming of cultural traditions and happiness. The Tea Village theme brings Chinese New Year to a whole new level using a traditional Chinese village themed decoration.

On 25 January, Suria KLCC launched their Chinese New Year with performances such as Chinese Acrobatics and high pole lion dances.

 The warm light of Chinese New Year shines with the lights of KLCC
(Photo Source: Suria KLCC’s Facebook page)

Caption: Varieties of bamboo type decorations
(Photo Source: Suria KLCC’s Facebook page)

2. Sunway Pyramid – Inspired by ‘water town’ Zhouzhuang

Inspired by a water town in China known for its canals called Zhouzhuang, Sunway Pyramid is decorated with cherry blossoms and willows from 19 Jan to 18 Feb.

With two Imperial guardian lions guarding the entrance of the oriental arch towers, there is even a river which flows around the centre of the mall.

Even jinnyboytv made a music video featuring the settings and decorations of Sunway Pyramid.

The entrance of Sunway Pyramid guarded by the two imperial guardian lions
(Photo Source: Sunway Pyramid’s Facebook page)

The river filled with lily pads and lotuses circles around the centre of Sunway Pyramid
(Photo Source: Sunway Pyramid’s Facebook page)

3. Queensbay Mall – “A Joyous Celebration of Reunion”

Queensbay Mall, in Penang, brings the people a touch of Hakka tradition with their ribbon and lantern-themed decorations. The centre of the mall is strewn about with different shades of red in the forms of ribbons and lanterns hung on the branches of trees and ceilings.

A “Joyous Celebration of Reunion” to be remembered indeed.

Red and pink ribbons and lanterns fill the centre of the mall with the spirit of the Chinese New Year.
(Photo Source: Queensbay Mall’s Facebook page)

Caption: The mall filled with shades of red from bottom to the top.
(Photo Source: Queensbay Mall’s Facebook page)

4. Pavilion Kuala Lumpur – 8,888 Prosperity Petals

Pavillion Kuala Lumpur enchants the place with Chinese New Year decorations and performances. Filling the mall with a festive atmosphere, the decorations features 8,888 Prosperity Petals from the ceiling.

The entrance welcomes guests with beautiful flowers and petals.
(Photo Source: Pavilion KL’s Facebook page)
Caption: The 8, 888 Prosperity Petals hung from the ceiling of the mall as well as beautiful decorations outdoors.
(Photo Source: Pavilion KL’s Facebook page)

5. IOI City Mall – “Splendours of Spring”

Finally, IOI City Mall welcomes the Year of the Dog with open arms, rocking the place with shades of red.

Filling the centre of the mall with the “Splendours of Spring”, IOI City Mall has a long list of performances to start off the year such as: LED drum performances, musical showcases, martial art performances and many more.

The centre of the mall filled with decorations in the shades red.
(Photo Source: IOI City Mall’s Facebook page)

Brightening the start of the year with lanterns and props beaming with the colour red.
(Photo Source: IOI City Mall’s Facebook page)