Do you recall how people first went totally Instagram gaga over the amazing light and art exhibition: ‘Future World: Where Art Meets Science’ at Singapore’s ArtScience Museum?

Well, the creatives behind that super spectacle, Japanese art collective, teamLab, had been commissioned by Marina Bay Sands for their new attraction, the ‘Digital Light Canvas‘, a permanent light installation at the North Promenade of The Shoppes of Marina Bay Sands (Canal Level, B2).

Unveiled to the public on 22 December 2017 at the former skating rink space, you betcha the interactive light installation is as impressive as it sounds!

The 14-metre tall cylindrical light sculpture is suspended from the ceiling and will dazzle visitors with its more than 401,000 vivid LEDs that are strung within 608 tubes.

Guess what, they can even be controlled by smartphones, apparently!

Then beneath it is the LED floor that’s 15 metres in diameter and is also dynamic. Meaning its 7.7 million individually controlled LEDs are rendered in reaction to visitors’ behaviour and movement on it.

Together, this two light elements make up Marina Bay Sands’ ‘Digital Light Canvas’.

That’s not all, the display also features four different show modes that come with their own soundtracks.

Nature’s Rhythm
Nature rhythm 500x375 1

This 56-min show mode, which runs hourly, expresses the primitive biological mechanism that causes flocks of fishes and birds to move in a unified purpose. In this mode, a flock of birds fly freely through the light sculpture, while ten thousands of fishes swim across the gradient blue LED floor symbolizing the ocean. The fishes get stained in different colours as user interact with them, and react with the birds flying above.

Strokes of Life
Strokes of

This artistic form of storytelling uses a contemporary form of traditional Japanese calligraphy, birds, butterflies, and flowers to depict life. This 4-min show mode, which runs hourly, presents beautiful strokes of calligraphy on the LED floor when people stand on it. Thereafter, these deep, bold, and powerful brushstrokes of calligraphy spring to life, and are illuminated in the cylinder within the light sculpture.

Personalised Expressions

An extension of Strokes of Life, this mode allows users to express their wishes via three-dimensional calligraphy. From anniversary and birthday greetings, to wedding proposals, Personalised Expressions allows users to cast a message on the LED floor via their smart mobile devices using a paid, one-time unique serial code. Users have the option of providing a name to complement the message, which will be written in golden calligraphy on the floor, and complemented by a burst of fireworks in the light sculpture.

Festive Celebration

The main star of this mode is the interactive 4D vision light sculpture, which allows users to activate three-dimensional imageries made of light crystals, simply by connecting to an exclusive on-site WiFi using their smart phones. Users can decorate the light sculpture by adding three-dimensional festive ornaments, or set off over 30 different animated light displays and crystal fireworks. This mode is only activated during celebratory seasons.

Since the whole display is interactive in nature, if one wants to project a special birthday, anniversary or wedding proposal on the LED floor, then they can do so at only SGD50.

The ‘Digital Light Canvas’ has an admission fee of SGD5 per person and is open daily from 12pm to 8pm from Sundays to Thursdays. On Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays, the display stays open an hour later up to 9pm.

See more photos below! 

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Digital2BLight2BCanvas2BMedia2BPreview 2

Digital2BLight2BCanvas2BMedia2BPreview 3

Digital2BLight2BCanvas2BMedia2BPreview 5

Digital2BLight2BCanvas2BMedia2BPreview 11

(Photos Source: Marina Bay Sands)