Chinese singer Kris Wu recently opened up about the reasons why he left his former K-pop group EXO and agency, S.M. Entertainment.

As reported on HK01, the singer, who appeared on radio show Wild 94.9, told DJ Gabby Diaz that it was stressful for a Chinese performer like him working in Korea, away from his family.

The second reason, he said, was that being a part of a K-pop group means that he doesn’t have enough freedom to express his creativity, and has to follow what he is being told to do.

“Everyone had no freedom, and for me, it was super stressful. I wanted to do my own stuff. I wanted to make hip hop music. I wanted to make sure that the stuff that I sing would represent me as an artiste, and I couldn’t do any of that when I was in Korea. That’s one of the reasons why I left,” he said.

Now that he is no longer a part of EXO, Kris admitted that he is happy to be able to express himself creatively and do what he loves.

“Now in China, I have my own company and I run everything by myself. I can just do whatever I want to do,” he said.

When asked about his next project, Kris shared that he is currently working on some music with famed record producer Pharrell Williams.

(Photo source: Kris Wu’s Instagram)