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Though surprised at news of Shawn Yue’s wedding, celebrity friends including co-star Miriam Yeung and ex-girlfriend Kary Ng recently expressed their blessings for the actor and wife, Sarah Wang, Mingpao reported.

Miriam, who worked with Shawn in “Love Off the Cuff”, shared that she is happy that the actor is finally married.

“As his friend, I really am very happy because having a family is a new start in life and it encourages you to be better. I wish him happiness, and hopefully they will have a child soon because he really likes children,” she said.

Actress Shu Qi, who starred in “The Second Woman” with Shawn, took to social media and wrote, “Congratulations. Happiness for a lifetime.”

Ex-girlfriend Kary Ng, who is now married to tennis player Brian Hung, posted, “I wish them happiness always.”

As for Stephy Tang, the actress shared that she only found out about the wedding from the media.

“We worked in two movies together in the past and we both made our debut at the same time. Congratulations to him. I am very happy for him,” she said.

On the other hand, Eddie Peng, who was one of Shawn’s groomsmen at the wedding held in Melbourne, posted a photo of them together online and wrote, “I’m so happy for you, bro.”

(Photo Source: Shawn Yue Instagram)