After much speculations, Dee Hsu recently confirmed that she will be involved in the upcoming reboot of the hit 2001 drama, “Meteor Garden”.

As reported on China Daily, the TV personality announced the good news on Weibo with photos of her with the new cast members including Darren Chen and Dylan Wang.

However, Dee stated that she is not playing the role of Dao Ming-si’s controlling mother, Dao Ming-feng as previously speculated, but the carefree sister, Dao Ming-zhuang.

She wrote, “I finally got the role in “Meteor Garden”, and I am happy even though it’s just a supporting role as the character’s sister. Those who said I should play the mother are irreconcilable!”

Producer Angie Chai also confirmed the news, and shared that filming has already begun.

In the previous version, the role of Dao Ming-zhuang was played by the late actress Mary Hsu.

(Photo Source: China Daily)