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Taiwanese actress Vivian Hsu wants you to know she is working as an artiste because she wants to, and not because of her husband’s supposed business troubles.

As reported on Epoch Times, previously, it was reported that Vivian’s husband Sean Lee, CEO of Marco Polo Marine Ltd is on the verge of bankruptcy, and that Vivian is now back to work in order to help him with the finances.

When asked about it recently, Vivian, who appeared at a skincare event, shared that she has never said anything about retiring from showbiz when she married Sean three years ago.

“I started working since I was 14, and I will keep on working until I hit 70,” she said.

As for the real situation with her husband’s company, Vivian stated that it’s not convenient for her to explain, nor does she understand the situation well enough to give any opinion about it.

When asked if Sean is affected by the rumours, the actress said that her husband rarely reads entertainment news.

“I don’t tell him about it in particular. We both work hard to take care of the family,” she said.

(Photo Source: Vivian Hsu Facebook)