After unveiling the cast of the upcoming reboot of the hit 2001 Taiwanese drama series, “Meteor Garden” in a recent magazine spread, producer Angie Chai recently held a press conference to introduce each and every one of the stars of the upcoming show.

As reported on Mingpao, at a press conference held in Shanghai recently, it was revealed that 20 year-old actress Shen Yue is set to star as the spunky teenager Shan Chai (previously played by Barbie Hsu), who unwittingly gets herself involved with the four richest most arrogant male students of her new school, known collectively as the F4.

On the other hand, Dylan Wang, who was revealed as one of the new F4 members recently, will play one of the leads as the leader of the pack, Dao Ming-si (previously played by Jerry Yan).

On the other hand, Taipei-born actor Darren Chen will play Hua Ze-lei (previously played by Vic Chou), Connor Leung as Mei-zuo (played by Vanness Wu), and Caesar Wu as Xi-men (played previously by Ken Zhu).

Speaking to the media about her casting as Shan Chai, Shen admitted that it is a great pressure for her to do well, especially since Barbie gave such a memorable performance in the original drama, which is based on the Japanese shojo comics, “Hana Yori Dango”.

“I will use Shan Chai’s spirit to represent the voice of the modern-day plain Janes everywhere,” she said.

On the other hand, Dylan, who was only three years-old at the time the original series aired, shared jokingly that with all the hype around the series, he finally understands now why his mother would forget to cook dinner whenever “Meteor Garden” was on air back in 2001.

The upcoming drama is expected to air next year.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)