The world’s first edible cocktail menu is now available at Singapore’s Tippling Club, featuring a set of 12-flavoured gummy bear cocktail candies served in a cute green and white candy bag.

From the minds of head bartender Joe Schofield and chef-owner Ryan Clift, the gummy bears correspond to the 12 different cocktails on the restaurant’s new “Dreams and Desires” list, where each of them mirror the taste of a specific cocktail.

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This is not the first time that Tippling is presenting a unique menu. Previously, guests were introduced to the unique scent-inspired menu, the Sensorium menu.

“With the first ‘Sensorium’ menu we looked to the past, using relatable scents to trigger memories of yesteryear. This time round we have our sights set on the future, by evoking our innermost dreams and desires through taste,” Schofield said as quoted by The Drink Business.


“The edible gummy bear menu, while deceptively simple, involved months of research and development before we narrowed it down to 12 perfected flavour formulas we felt best represent the dreams and desires we wanted to convey,” he continued.

From the citrusy Happiness spiked with tequila, to the milky sweet gin; Baby, tropical taste rum; Holiday, and soothing almond milk vodka; Peace, the new menu certainly takes the drinking experience to new heights!


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The Dreams and Desires cocktail menu is now available exclusively at Tippling Club from Monday to Saturday, with each cocktail priced at SGD24.

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