Social media star-turned-singer Priscilla Abby (蔡恩雨) will be holding her first ever mini-concert this coming December, in conjunction with the releases of her upcoming singles.

The Mandapop singer rose to the mainstream music scene last year after covering a string of popular hits in EDM style on YouTube. Her most viewed cover “Stranger in the North (飄向北方) by Namewee and Wang Leehom has got 7 million views.

The 20-year-old singer released her debut single “I Love the Sky” back in July, which has more than 2.4 million views.

She will be performing the single live during her concert alongside several others of her latest singles like “Listen to Your Voice (我想听你聲音)”, “Burn”, and “Mystery of Hibiscus (大紅花的秘密)”.

Fans can also expect Priscilla to perform some of her famous covers on stage including Mayday’s “Party Animal (派對動物)”, Namewee’s “Stranger in the North (飄向北方)”, G.E.M’s “Light Years Away (光年之外)”, and more.

The mini-concert will be held in Kuala Lumpur on 23 December at KL LIVE, 7.30pm with a complete immersive audio-visual showcase.

“I am very excited for my first concert and really look forward to seeing my beloved fans. Please watch all music videos on my official YouTube channel and come sing-along with me on 23rd December!” Priscilla said in a statement.

Tickets for the showcase are available on, with prices ranging from RM98 to RM388.

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