Although both its leading actors Vincent Wong and Ali Lee failed to win TV King and Queen, TVB drama “Legal Mavericks” was recently announced as the winner of My Favourite TVB Drama at the TVB Star Awards Malaysia.

As reported on On CC, the drama, which stars Vincent as a blind lawyer who is always ready to seek justice for the underprivileged, bested other dramas including “My Unholy Alliance” and “Line Walker: The Prelude” to win the accolade.

“I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support,” said Vincent, who went on stage along with his co-stars, Ali Lee, Sisley Choi, and Zoie Tam to accept the award.

Co-star Ali Lee also thanked the audience on behalf of their fellow cast members, Owen Cheung and Tracy Chu, who couldn’t come to the event.

The winners of the 2017 TVB Star Awards Malaysia are as follows:

My Favourite TVB Drama: Legal Mavericks

My Favourite TVB Actor in a Leading Role: Michael Miu (Line Walker: The Prelude)
My Favourite TVB Actress in a Leading Role: Jessica Hsuan (My Unfair Lady)

My Favourite TVB Actor in a Supporting Role: Joel Chan (The Unholy Alliance)
My Favourite TVB Actress in a Supporting Role: Elaine Yiu (The Unholy Alliance)

Most Favourite TVB Drama Theme Song: ‘Hands in the Sand’ by Hana Kuk (My Unfair Lady)

Most Favourite TVB On-Screen Couple: Ruco Chan & Nancy Wu (The Unholy Alliance)

My Favourite TVB Most Improved Actor: Matthew Ho (Tiger Mom Blues, A General A Scholar And An Eunuch)
My Favourite TVB Most Improved Actress: Zoie Tam (Dead Wrong, My Unfair Lady, Legal Mavericks)

My Favourite TVB Drama Characters:

Kristal Tin, Edwin Siu, Raymond Cho, Rebecca Zhu (A General, A Scholar And An Eunuch)

Michael Miu, Benjamin Yuen, Priscilla Wong (Line Walker: The Prelude)

Ruco Chan, Nancy Wu (The Unholy Alliance)

Jessica Hsuan, Natalie Tong, Samantha Ko, Chris Lai (My Unfair Lady)

Vincent Wong, Sisley Choi, Ali Lee (Legal Mavericks)

Ben Wong (Tiger Mom Blues)

My Favourite TVB Host In Variety Programme: Maria Cordero (Maria’s Auspicious Recipes)

My Favourite TVB Enrichment Programme: All Things Girl Malaysia Edition

My Favourite TVB Variety Programme: The Sisterhood Travelling Gang

(Photo Source: Sisley Choi Instagram)