Love eating Indomie instant noodles? Well, guess what? Now you can wear it too – as a clutch!

Indomie is one of the most famous instant noodle brands in Southeast Asia, manufactured by the largest instant noodle manufacturer in Indonesia, Indofood.

But a certain designer took her love for the instant noodle to another level, when she created this Indomie-inspired crossbody clutch.

Though the unique clutch was created months ago, it recently went viral when Indonesian singer Nindy Ayunda wore it during Jakarta Fashion Week.

Designed by Mariko Tampi, the bag was made to look exactly like the Indomie packaging, and it certainly makes you hungry just looking at it!

There are plenty of other cute clutch designs by Mariko. Another one that caught our attention is the Panadol-inspired clutch which looks like the real white and green Panadol box.   

Since the handmade bag went viral, many people have been posting parody versions of Nindy’s look – but they used real Indomie instant noodles!

(Photo sources: Mariko Tampi’s Instagram, Nina Ayundi’s Instagram,

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