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Love eating Indomie instant noodles? Well, guess what? Now you can wear it too – as a clutch!

Indomie is one of the most famous instant noodle brands in Southeast Asia, manufactured by the largest instant noodle manufacturer in Indonesia, Indofood.

But a certain designer took her love for the instant noodle to another level, when she created this Indomie-inspired crossbody clutch.

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Though the unique clutch was created months ago, it recently went viral when Indonesian singer Nindy Ayunda wore it during Jakarta Fashion Week.

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Designed by Mariko Tampi, the bag was made to look exactly like the Indomie packaging, and it certainly makes you hungry just looking at it!

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There are plenty of other cute clutch designs by Mariko. Another one that caught our attention is the Panadol-inspired clutch which looks like the real white and green Panadol box.   

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Since the handmade bag went viral, many people have been posting parody versions of Nindy’s look – but they used real Indomie instant noodles!

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(Photo sources: Mariko Tampi’s Instagram, Nina Ayundi’s Instagram,