Chinese actor Golden Zhang has recently dismissed speculations of troubles in his marriage with actress Christy Chung.

As reported on Mingpao, rumours of marital woes sparked after a photo of the couple at the airport circulated online, with Christy looking grim while Golden seemingly focused on something on his phone rather than talking to his wife.

Some even commented that Christy, who has failed in two marriages, may be showing her true colours now that she is married to her third husband.

However, Golden had since slammed the rumours online, saying that they are still very much in love with each other.

“There are people hiding in the corner writing negative things to hurt my wife. Christy is an inspiration and we hope to change the world through love,” he said.

Golden also clarified that the reason he looked grim was because he was playing a game on his phone, adding that it is ridiculous for him to be smiling all the time with no apparent reason.

He then added, “My dear wife, you are the best!”.

As for criticisms about Christy’s weight gain, Golden defended the actress, saying that he likes the way she is now.

(Photo Source: Christy Chung Instagram)