After registering his marriage in the middle of October, TVB actor Eric Li recently tied the knot in a church wedding in Okinawa, Japan.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who married long-time girlfriend Bobo Tan, shared that the wedding was held on 27 October, and was attended by close family and friends.

“My wife has talked about getting married in a church, so that’s why we made this arrangement. We also held it in Okinawa because we had a trip there before and liked it,” he said.

Eric also revealed that both he and his wife were nervous as they walked down the aisle, as the church priests were very strict about the ceremony. However, it ended up becoming a very moving event.

As for the wedding photoshoot, Eric said that they originally planned to do it at the beach, but changed it to an indoor location instead due to rain and strong winds.

(Photo Source: STheadline.com)