The Korean authority still has no answer as to what has caused the accident that killed actor Kim Joo-hyuk last month.

As reported on Koreaboo, the Gangnam Police Station recently released the autopsy result for the actor, and revealed that the cause of death was due to cranial fracture which was caused by Kim crashing his car into a building.

Nonetheless, the forensic team still do not know what caused the accident.

“We didn’t find any signs of myocardial infarction, and our toxicology test only showed a small amount of antihistamine,” said a rep.

The rep added that there were also no traces of alcohol or toxins that caused Kim to drive erratically prior to his accident, and further examination showed no signs of internal issues of the body.

The police are also saying that there is a possibility that they will have to rule the cause of accident as “unknown” if no additional evidence or defects in the vehicle are found.

(Photo Source: Yonhap News Agency)