Actress Anjaylia Chan and husband Epaphras Wong recently held wedding ceremony in Hong Kong.

As reported on HK01, the couple, who registered their marriage back in September, held a traditional wedding in the morning of 26 November, where Anjaylia was brought to the home of the Wong family in Cheung Chau on a sedan chair.

The couple later held their wedding banquet at the InterContinental Hotel, where friends including Grace Chan, Jeannie Chan, and Evelyn Choi served as her bridesmaids.

Speaking to the media after the wedding, Anjaylia shared that they have decided to postpone their honeymoon due to her busy schedule.

“My schedule is packed until January next year,” she said.

As for baby plans, Epaphras said that they are in no hurry to have children, and will let nature take its course.

Anjaylia and Epaphras started dating four years ago after meeting in a church. The couple announced their engagement back in April this year, after netizens shared that they had seen Anjaylia looking at photos of bridal gowns on her phone.

(Photo Source: Anjaylia Chan Instagram)