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One might think that Thailand has no music scene as most of their singers are not known outside of the country.

Well, that might be true back in the old days, but today, the modern music scene is evolving and more music talents have started to proof that the country is more than just a home to great Asian horror flicks, but home to rising entertainers too.

With Singapore and Indonesia already covered, we now present you with five talented Thai artistes that we highly suggest you listen to!

1. Jannine Weigel

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Also known by her nickname Ploychompoo, Thai-German singer Jannine Weigel is one of the rising talents in Thailand and around Asia. The 17-year-old started singing at the age of 11 when she joined a local music competition. She then gained a wider recognition through her YouTube channel where many of her covers went viral, leading her to receiving the “YouTube Gold Play Button” for having more than 1 million subscribers. She is also the recipient of Breakout Creator of the Year at WebTVAsia Awards 2016. She released her first U.S. single titled “Finish Line” in 2016 after signing a management contract with b2 Talent Asia to kick off her international career.

2. Bie the Ska

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Real name Krit Boonyarang, Bie the Ska is a YouTube sensation who is mostly known for his comedic and viral videos, earning him more than 5 million subscribers and 1.6 billion total views. He began posting videos on YouTube to help him deal with stress while studying for his exams. The first video he shared was of him lip-synching to a famous Thai song. The initial intention was for him to share it among friends but it soon became viral. The positive reaction he received gave him courage to make other funny videos including silly magic tricks, cooking demonstrations and music videos.

3. Thaitanium

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Thai-American hip hop music group Thaitanium is one of the first rap artistes formed in Thailand. The group first started as a trio with members Khan, Way, and Day, but in 2006, Big Calo and DJ Buddah joined the line-up to help add flavours to the group’s music style. Throughout their career, Thaitanium has built a stern reputation as a powerhouse group with a list of achievements. The group performed at the 2006 MTV Asia Awards, opened for international stars like Fort Minor and 50 Cent during their concert in Bangkok, won Artist of the Year in Thailand at the 16th Mnet Asian Music Awards, and collaborated with Snoop Dogg for “Wake Up (Bangkok City)”.

4. Slot Machine

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Slot Machine is one of the biggest rock names in Thailand, being in the music industry for almost two decades. Made up of vocalist Karinyawat Durongjitakan (aka Foet), bassist Atirath Pintong (aka Gak), guitarist Janevit Chanpanyawong (aka Vit) and drummer Settharat Pancgchunan (aka Auto), the group is a four-time nominee of MTV EMAs Best Southeast Asian awards and is the recipient of multiple local music awards including SEED Award, Channel V Thailand Awards, Season Awards, and more. With six albums already to their credit, Slot Machine is set to take on the international market with the release of their first all-English album “Spin the World”, produced by Grammy Award winning producer, Steve Lillywhite who has worked with U2, The Rolling Stones, The Killers and 30 Seconds to Mars.

5. Palitchoke Ayanaputra

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Palitchoke Ayanaputra or Peck entered the entertainment music industry as a trainee under GMM Grammy. During the training, he is also well known as a TV host for Disney Club. He debuted his first single “Nobody Knows” in 2005 which propelled his stardom further. Throughout his limelight, Palitchoke has established an awe-inspiring body of work which is uniquely his own, musically and artistically. He has received a number of awards throughout his career including Popular Artist Award at Kazz Awards 2017, People’s Choice Awards at Nine Entertain Awards 2017, Comeback Kid at GQ Men of the Year 2017, and more.