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More than a year after their last visit to Malaysia, K-pop group VAV has once again returned to the tropical country to meet with their Malaysian fans.

A Meet and Greet event was held yesterday at Sunway Pyramid, where all seven members of the group were present to give their fans one unforgettable experience.

“I love Malaysia!” maknae Ziu kept declaring during the event, much to the delight of their fans in the said country.

This marks the first time for the new and youngest member of VAV to visit the country he professes to loving so much, along with members Ayno and Lou, who, like Ziu, joined the group after the departure of three former members.

Members ACE, Baron, Jacob and leader St. Van, meanwhile, have previously filmed a show in Penang, Malaysia back in January 2016.

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VAV greeting their Malaysian fans.

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ACE shooting hearts to his fans during one of the performances.

“You’re the one, you’re my Venus!” Fans sang along happily when the group took to the stage yesterday with their opening song, “Venus (Dance with Me)”.

VAV also performed “Flower (You)” and “ABC (Middle of the Night)”, showcasing their vocal, rap and dancing skills, which – judging by the roaring screams from the crowd of ecstatic girls – fans couldn’t get enough of.

The screams only turned louder when the boys introduced themselves and showed off their talents, with St. Van and Ziu each belting out lovely songs for their fans while Baron showcased his slick dancing skills.

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Meanwhile, ACE (using Jacob and Ziu as his towers)
made the fangirls go crazy over his strength.

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This Baron fan even had a placard made for the main dancer.

Having debuted since 31 October 2015, VAV has been in the K-pop scene for two years now and has released two albums, as well as three singles this year. This 2 November, the group will drop yet another single, “She’s Mine”.

The fresh pumping track, which VAV described as much more manly and macho than their previous songs, is set to capture fangirls’ hearts everywhere and VAV wanted their Malaysian fans to be among the first to enjoy it.

Being the generous group that they are, they not only invited three lucky fans to dance to the new song with them but also snapped a Polaroid photograph with each of the fan after they successfully mastered the dance.

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VAV teaching their fans the dance moves to their latest single, “She’s Mine”.

Seven other lucky fans also walked away with VAV albums, simply by answering questions from the boys themselves.

As is the norm during Q&A sessions with fans, the boys were asked what their favourite Malaysian food is, to which Ziu was the loudest to reply by proclaiming his love for Cheese Naan, evoking laughter from the crowd of fans.

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Fans using their smartphones to create a sea of twinkling stars for the boys.

After the Meet and Greet event, VAV met with the media for a press conference, during which they stated that they were happy to be back and wished to return again in the future.

“I don’t want to leave!” St. Van joked, saying that his stay in the country had been too comfortable.

The leader also said he wished to collaborate with a Malaysian artiste if the opportunity ever arises. When asked to name one, the singer became flustered and laughingly admitted he didn’t have anyone in mind at the moment. Though he and his group members were more than happy to collaborate with Siti Nurhaliza (as suggested by the media since they wanted to collaborate with Malaysia’s legendary singers), given the chance.

“We want to thank you the fans for coming to the Meet and Greet. Do look forward to our new single as well as new music video and dance practice video,” St. Van added.

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VAV wishes to return to Malaysia again in the future.