UPDATED 25 October 2017: The last South Korean act who will be joining the upcoming K-Wave 2 Music Festival is NU’EST W, the sub-group of  NU’EST!

The “W” in the band’s name stands for “wait”, because members JR, Baekho, Aron, and Ren, are currently waiting for their original fifth member Minhyun to return from his temporary group Wanna One. (Ain’t that cute?)

The quartet will be joining Tae-yeon, Mamamoo, Super Junior, Halo, Tahiti, and A.C.E. at K-Wave 2 Music Festival, set to take place on 13 January 2018 at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

Tickets will go on sale on 3 November 2017 at
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Three more K-pop performers have been announced for the highly-awaited K-Wave 2 Music Festival, a follow-up to the successful first edition which was held at Sunway Surf Beach.

The three acts include quartet girl group Mamamoo, leader of Girls’ Generation Kim Tae-yeon, and legendary super group Super Junior, who will be joining previously announced artistes; Halo, Tahiti, and A.C.E.

Organiser Macpiepro previously revealed that K-Wave 2 will present seven South Korean acts, totalling to more than 30 K-pop idols.

So far, six groups have been announced with a total of 28 idols altogether, which means the last group would have members between 2 to 8 people.

The event is split into two sessions with the first session from 3.30pm to 7pm for games and activities, while the second session, which will include the concert begin at 8pm.

Entry price starts from as low as RM34 for the Youth Zone which comes together with Mcalls Y33 SIM Pack.

Ticket sales for the festival will go on sale on 3 November 2017 at