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So here’s the question that’s been boggling everyone on every Halloween, “What should I dress as this year?”

Well, we’re pretty sure witches, Draculas or Frankensteins are not on the list, because apparently, Halloween is no longer like how it used to be back in the old days – you know, when people dress up as ghosts and ghouls to ward off evil spirits, but now it’s just a huge costume party!

Anyway, whatever that’s been trending, going viral, or becoming headlines late last year and this year, is usually the famous costumes that many people would wear.

Like last year, “Suicide Squad”, “Ghostbusters” and “Doctor Strange” are among the famous Halloween costumes of 2016.

But what about this year? Well, it’s not that hard to guess, but to make your job easier, here are the Top 10 famous Halloween costumes of 2017.

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1. Pennywise from “It” 

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Anyone who would’ve guess that Pennywise would be the top search of this year’s Halloween. The movie is a blockbuster success, the book is a lovable classic, and Pennywise is just so freakishly scary yet awesome at the same time. Plus, it’s Halloween, so of course a creepy costume like Pennywise would make sense.

2. Wonder Woman 

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The Wonder Woman costume is a classic among cosplayers even before the movie was released, but now that the movie has received huge success at the box office, the amazon look is a huge trend once again. Furthermore, the newer version of Wonder Woman outfit worn by Gal Gadot is so sexy and classy, thus the ladies really like it.

3. Taylor Swift (any version will do)


Princess of pop Tay Tay is a huge headline this year. All of the dramas that she got herself into last year, leading up to her huge hit this year, “Look What You Made Me Do” – proves that she knows how to gain people’s attention. And the singer is very iconic in all of her music videos, so you can basically just dress up as anyone of the “old Taylor” (We suggest the “Zombie Taylor”.)

4. Donald Trump 

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Ever since business mogul Donald Trump became the new President of the United States, everyone just can’t stop talking about the man. So naturally, he became one of the top searches on famous Halloween looks, and to be honest, it’s a look that’s not very hard to create.

5. Game of Thrones 

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Any character from the famous HBO series will do, but we’re pretty sure that the most famous look would be Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. The second and third famous looks would probably be Jon Snow and King Joffrey, and maybe Khal Drogo as well.

6. Beauty and the Beast 

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As one of the most highly-anticipated movies of 2017, and one of the most highly-awaited Disney movies at that, the classic “Beauty and the Beast” look made the top of the list as well. Though we said “Beauty and the Beast”, we actually meant Belle, because seriously – who wouldn’t want to re-create Emma Watson’s gorgeous look.

7. Stranger Things (the kids especially) 

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This Netflix supernatural series is a huge hit, and like “Game of Thrones”, it has tons of iconic characters as well, such as the kids. Of course, you can also choose to dress up as other characters from the series, but apparently dressing up as one of the kids has become a popular trend as they are far more iconic.

8. The Handmaid’s Tale 

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The series received critical acclaim and won eight Primetime Emmy Awards from thirteen nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series, which is why, we’re pretty sure that a lot of people going to dress up as these handmaids for Halloween, since the outfit is literally one of the easiest ensemble you can find.

9. Moana 

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Apart from Belle, Moana is another Disney princess that kids would love to dress as, and let’s not forget her hunky sidekick Maui! Back when “Frozen” was released, Elsa and Anna are the two characters that children (and adult) love, but now the Polynesian princess Moana will be taking the spotlight.

10. Annabelle 

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With the release of its prequel “Annabelle: Creation”, the creepy-looking doll returns as one of the most famous Halloween look this year. So for those who already dresses up as the doll two or three years ago, can simply just recycle back the same look.