Kung Fu Hustle 1

Stephen Chow’s camp has denied rumours that the comedy auteur is making his acting comeback in “Kung Fu Hustle 2”.

As reported on Epoch Times, rumours are rife recently that the celebrated filmmaker is finally filming the long-awaited sequel to his 2004 film.

Sources claimed that aside from Stephen, the movie will also star his former acting partner Ng Man Tat, as well as former onscreen partner Sharla Cheung. Also working on the project is Stephen Chow’s new favourite guy, Show Luo.

The actor was reportedly saying that it will be his very last work as an actor.

However, just as fans were beginning to get excited about the news, Stephen’s rep crushed all hearts with one simple answer, “The news is false.”

On the other hand, Stephen, who is still single at 55, was asked whether he has any plans to settle down. To that he reluctantly responded, “This is me now. Do you think I have a chance [at marriage]?”